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Denison T6 series vane pump production can replace imported

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Release time:2014-12-17

       Our company cooperate with Albert hydraulic companies in the United States, the introduction of the world leading technology, after several years, successfully developed denison (T6) series of vane pump, has mass production on the market.Products are single pump T6C, T6D, T6E and double pump T6CC, T6DC, T6EC, T6ED etc. Various kinds of specifications.T6 series of products are mainly used in ship machinery, petroleum machinery, metallurgical machinery, coal machinery, engineering machinery, tunnel machinery, casting machinery and plastic machinery, is a kind of high-performance dowel pin type high-pressure vane pump.Main features: 1 using column pin type blade structure, the working pressure is higher, lower noise and longer life.2 to adapt to the liquid pressure medium viscosity range is big, can start in low temperature and high temperature operation.3 the lips of the structure of the leaf, strong ability to resist pollution, wide speed range.
       The company as the world's top hydraulic vane pump manufacturers, products in the domestic leading, its production of T6 series products of top quality and performance has reached the international level, can completely replace the imported original denison products.Through test of zhejiang university, T6C - 14 pump when the speed of 2200 r/min, pump outlet pressure is 30.10 Mpa, the volumetric efficiency is as high as 93.2%. The company has a strong service team, cost-effective products, products in short supply now, if you need, please order in advance.
Note: the technical parameters and installation, use and maintenance, please read product display in the manual.
Attached: the test report of zhejiang university/p>